An Introduction to Abstraction with Jan Cristaudo - Holiday Workshop

An Introduction to Abstraction with Jan Cristaudo - Holiday Workshop

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This would be a good starting point for artists wishing to explore abstraction.

As an abstract artist I immerse myself in the environment to capture that sense of place.

My work comes from the connection I have to a landscape using all my senses to express the emotion and feel of a place and then translate that into my artwork. Abstract art is more than just putting down paint and moving it around a canvas. You have to start from a story, a place, image or feeling. You have to know your medium, colours and brushwork and be able to build your painting up from a foundation that can capture all of that. This is what I love about abstract art. It’s the layers that you build upon, the colours you use and the strokes that create the emotions to form good art.

In my workshops, I ask you to bring a photo that has meaning to you and that you feel connected to. We will explore what it means to you, how it makes you feel. We look at its depth and work toward expressing this through your own painting.

Paintings take time. To understand, explore, experiment and to challenge preconceived ideas so I can not guarantee a completed artwork by the end of my workshop (in fact most won’t be). What I can guarantee is the beginning of a deeper understanding of abstract art and the techniques to achieve good artworks. This will enable you to confidently continue with your painting and build on what you have gained through my workshop.

I look forward to exploring this with you.

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