Mastering Composition with Stephen Hall - Holiday Workshop

Mastering Composition with Stephen Hall - Holiday Workshop

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This course focusses specifically on developing compositional skills and understandings to create effective pictorial compositions that strongly conveys the artist’s intentions and meanings.

The course will begin with compositional study and exercises developing compositional skill and knowledge. Then next phase will be planning multiple compositions conveying different compositional outcomes. The course will culminate with a painting or drawings that employs these learnt composition skills to covey powerfully the centre of attention. The style is up to each artist, from abstract to realism. Options available using impasto and modelling mediums.

Stephen is a Sydney-based multi-disciplinary artist whos practice spans drawing, mixed media painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts from COFA and is currently a part-time teacher and lecturer at TAFE.

Stephen was a finalist in the 2010 Dobell Prize and was acquired by the Gallery the same year. In 2007 he was awarded UNSW Alumni Art Prize, Stephen holds a long list of other prizes.

Suitable for beginners.

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