Painting in Acrylics/Drawing in Mixed Media - Sarah Aylward

Painting in Acrylics/Drawing in Mixed Media - Sarah Aylward

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This course is designed for both beginners & experienced students. Students will begin their painting journey with a process that facilitates working in layers, where different skills can be gained with each layer – using a range of techniques and solutions. There will be different exercises that facilitate learning in colour, tone, form, texture & composition. Students will learn about paint consistencies using acrylic mediums and a range of tools. They are taught how to capitalise on mistakes. Development of personal marks/style is a priority. Experimentation is encouraged with the option of drawing in various media/collage. Landscape, still life, portraiture & personal projects are subject matter. Please contact the tutor prior to enrolling.

"I endeavour to help students relax into the painting process rather than focus on results. I aim to facilitate, in painting terms, an inner dialogue with the subconscious from where strong expressive work emerges."

Course testimonials:

  • I have learned a great deal from Sarah over the last couple of years. She has taught me many things about colour and movement in acrylic painting.

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