Still Life Watercolour Painting with James McCallum - Holiday Workshop

Still Life Watercolour Painting with James McCallum - Holiday Workshop

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Suitable for age 8-12-year-olds. The volume, colour, and shape of a selection of fruit are explored through finding the right tonal relationships. Students are to explore different colours to make their still life’s an accurate interpretation of what they see.

The basic techniques of working with watercolours are taught to students to help create an accurately painted arrangement of apples in a still life. A series of exercises show students how the watercolours are layered on top of one another to create depth and tonal contrasts. From planning the initial sketch students will learn to paint objectively to find the right shape, colour, and detail.

A short overview is made to students to show the types of techniques they will learn and how it will help them complete a watercolour painting of apples. A photo of an apple is shown to students to discuss what the tonal relationships are and how the light responds to its surface. Students complete an exercise that shows how to move gradually from light to dark when mixing and layering watercolours. Once students are ready, they will attempt to paint a group of apples from life. Students are reminded to sketch the outline and to create a balanced composition.

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