Sketchbook Workshop with Jody Graham / 2 Day Workshop

Sketchbook Workshop with Jody Graham / 2 Day Workshop

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Sketchbooks are great to draw in, no matter where you are. They are fantastic to take everywhere and easy to start drawing in. The trick is to know how to make it relaxed and accessible so you can effortlessly - just do it!

 Using a sketchbook is like doing regular exercise, the more you do it the better you get, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to make impressive drawings and have a stash of beautiful sketchbooks that reflect our life and travels.

Come with me for two days to learn how to kick start the treasured discipline of sketchbook drawing. Without doubt this will help you become a better artist who is constantly inspired and creative.

Materials – the smaller you can keep your portable travel supplies the better. Suggest a pencil case to store items 1 to 7.

1.    Sketchbook – a size & format that appeals to you, is portable to put in your bag and draw on your lap.

2.    Ink fountain pen – I suggest a LAMY fountain pen with a medium or broad nib and a packet of black cartridge ink refills (cheaper option is use an Artline pen or a brush pen)

3.    Artline pen – fine

4.    Sharpie black marker Texta

5.    2B or 4B pencil

6.    Eraser

7.    Sharpening knife

8.    Small jar

9.    Pocket brush or similar small brush (Windsor & Newtown/WA Portman/ Raphael Mini 

10. A3 (or similar size, landscape/portrait/square) sketchbook, cartridge or better-quality paper.

11. Black Ink – 50ml or similar (Art Spectrum, Sumi, Sennelier or Atelier waterproof)

12. Chinese Calligraphy brush

13. Paper towel


·         A4 clip board

·         Digital sketchbook – iPad/ procreate

·         Fold out chair – (Aluminium Oxford Pocket Foldable Camping Stool Folding Chair in Bag)

*Suggest bringing a hat and sunscreen for some outdoor drawing.

Image: Jody Graham's sketchbook

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