Creative Kids Vouchers

Creative Kids Vouchers

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids Program, you can redeem your Creative Kids voucher by phoning the office on 9958 6540. If you would like to apply for a voucher or want to find out more, please visit

Your 2021 Creative Kids voucher (valued at $100) is valid until 31 December 2021.

Your vouchers can be used to redeem a kids/teen term class or a holiday workshop of your choice.

How to redeem your Creative Kids voucher with us

To enrol using your Creative Kids Voucher, please provide the following information to us over the phone:

Child’s full name & date of birth

Parent/Guardian name, mobile phone number, address, email and any special medical conditions in case of any emergencies.
Details of classes you wish to enrol them in (name of class, age group, date and time for each class and child)

Please note: we cannot retrospectively apply the Creative Kids Voucher if you have already enrolled and paid.

Special Terms and conditions
1. If you have already enrolled your child for any term class or workshop and paid the full fee, you cannot retrospectively use a Creative Kids voucher.
2. All our usual Terms and Conditions apply to your enrolment.
3. Creative Kids vouchers cover $100 of the course costs. Any outstanding amount will must be paid at the time of enrolment.
4. In the event that a class is cancelled, we are unable to refund you the $100 Creative Kids voucher credit. However, credit can be used for a future enrolment in 2021.