The teaching artists at the Willougbhy Arts Centre are highly qualified (usually Masters in Fine Arts) with many years of teaching experience and as practicing artists and exhibitors. Visiting artist’s workshops and master classes are also held throughout the year, offering intensive weekend or longer workshops in specific areas of expertise. The Willoughby Arts Centre prides itself in continual growth. The WAC offers a creative community in which established and emerging artists can support, inspire and challenge one another.

The high standards attained by students in art prizes in Australia and international competition is testament to the quality of tuition at the WAC.

You are welcome to contact the tutors directly to discuss the course outline, materials required and to check if there are any additional fees eg. model/firing fees. Visiting artists contact details are kept private.

Tim ALLEN click here for Tim Allen's resume & classes
email timallenartist@gmail.com website www.timallenartist.com

Sally APLIN click here for Sally Aplin's resume & classes
phone 9419 6453 email sallyaplin@gmail.com

Sarah AYLWARD click here for Sarah Aylward's resume & classes
phone 9908 2312 mobile 0401 212 105 website sarahaylward.com

Lenore BASSAN click here for Lenore Bassan's resume & classes
phone 0432 354 903 email "Lbassan1@vtown.com.au

Richard BYRNES click here for Richard Byrnes' resume & classes
phone 0420 451 432 or 9559 5938 email richardbyrnes1@msn.com website robingibson.net

Barbara CAMPBELL-ALLEN click here for Barbara Campbell-Allen's resume & classes
phone 9439 1638 or 0405 773 803 email barb.camal@gmail.com website www.barbara-campbell-allen.com.au

Kwirak CHOUNG click here for Kwirak Choung' resume & classes
phone 0425 672 799 or 9686 9856 email kwirakchoung@gmail.com

Mieke COHEN click here for Mieke Cohen's resume & classes
phone 0407 717 867 or 9427 9991 email miekec@bigpond.net.au

Diana COLE click here for Diana Cole's resume & information on Sketch Club
phone 9498 8457 email diana_cole@bigpond.com website dianamarlaycole.com

Merridee CRAM click here for Merridee Cram's resume & classes
phone 9416 6450

Ros DEVAUX click here for Roz Devaux's resume & classes
phone 02 4782 3559 email devaux51@hotmail.com website www.rosdevauxartclasses.com

Rocco FAZZARI click here for Rocco Fazzari's resume & classes
phone 0414 316 588 email rfazzari1@gmail.com website maunsellwickes.com

Angus FISHER click here for Angus Fisher's resume & classes
email angusfisher24@hotmail.com website angusfisherarts.com

Mike GOLDING click here for Mike Golding's resume & classes
phone 0413 747 719 or 9999 3717 email mike.golding42@gmail.com website mikegoldingillustration.com

Szilvia GYORGY click here for Szilvia Gyorgy's resume & classes
email szilverworks@gmail.com website www.szilverworks.com

Michael HERRON click here for Michael Herron's resume & classes
phone 0408 211 119 email michaelherronartist@gmail.com website www.michaelherron.com.au

Roslyn KEAN click here for Roslyn Kean's resume & classes
phone 9653 3471 email roslynkean@gmail.com

Brandt LEWIS click here for Brandt Lewis' resume & classes
phone 9341 7483 email blewis.bl84@gmail.com

Cheryl MALONEY click here for Cheryl Maloney's resume & classes
email cherylmaloney@yahoo.com

Seraphina MARTIN click here for Seraphina Martin's resume & classes
phone 0403 863 544 email seraphina@aapt.net.au

Yaeli OHANA click here for Yaeli Ohana's resume & classes
email ysohana@gmail.com

Gria SHEAD click here for Gria Shead's resume & classes
email gria.stella@bigpond.com website gria-shead.squarespace.com

Patrick SIU click here for Patrick Siu's resume & classes
phone 0414 916 608 (English & Cantonese) email patrick.i.siu@gmail.com website patricksiu.wordpress.com

Natalie VELTHUYZEN click here for Natalie Velthuyzen's resume & classes
phone 0432 895 898 email nvelthuyzen@gmail.com website www.facebook.com/NatalieVelthuyzenCeramics

Judith WHITE click here for Judith White's resume & classes
email studio@judithwhite.net website judithwhite.net

Min Hong XIAO click here for Min Hong Xiao's resume & classes
phone 0402 028 840 (English & Mandarin)