Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

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Moku: Out Of The Shadows
Inksplash & Spontaneous Gestures
3 to 12 November 2016

Moku Expressionist Artists Exhibition: Trish Wade Quinn, Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen, Debianne Gosper, Catherine Madro, Sheridan Rogers, Andrea Williams, Gabrielle Edwards, Janice Baker and Sabine Le Tourneau

To be opened by Dr Neil Harrison, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Education, Macquarie University on Thursday 3 November, 6.30pm

BOOK LAUNCH at Moku: Out of the Shadows exhibition opening on Thursday 3 November at the Ewart Gallery, Workshop Arts Centre. Out of the Shadows: Fostering Creativity in Teacher Education Programs by Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen
Published by The Learner, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing. Available online at thelearner.cgpublisher.com

Out of the Shadows: Fostering Creativity and Teacher Education Programs is a culmination of five years of research into the role teachers have played in nurturing the world’s greatest artistic minds. The study focuses on the evolution of creativity in teaching practices and finds that many methods are as relevant in today’s classrooms as they were ten thousand years ago. The ancient Chinese used a painting style known as Moku-Chi to nurture the creativity of their children.
They were encouraged to splash ink freely across rice paper, using broad, abandoned strokes to find inspiration.

This book fuses ancient and modern techniques to inspire teachers and their students.

We encourage teachers of today to learn from the lessons of the past. With a focus on Australian Aboriginal and Chinese arts and culture, comprehensive learning models and innovative teaching approaches aim to improve the art education in primary and secondary schools.

Joy Ewart Scholarship Exhibition
15 to 26 November 2016

Works by the Joy Ewart Scholarship Finalists for 2016.
Opening & prize giving on Thursday 17 November, 6 – 8pm
Applications close Friday 21 October

End of Year Themed Exhibition
29 November to 10 December 2016

Small format works by members and students of the Workshop Arts Centre.
Opening & Christmas party on Friday 9 December from 6pm