Painting Practice; Purpose and Expression with Judith White / 3 Day Workshop

Painting Practice; Purpose and Expression with Judith White / 3 Day Workshop

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This is a workshop for more experienced painters so you’ll be encouraged to bring your own work for discussion and feedback.

I will help you realise technically your own ideas and find inspiration in contemporary art practice. Subject will be up to you and working in a larger format on paper or canvas is welcome.

The workshop will start with a group exercise that’s aimed at limbering up and help you to focus on creative mark making. Some mixed media materials will be suggested for you to experiment with.

Suitable for experienced intermediate and advanced students.


  • Bring a large piece of watercolour paper 250 grm or more - this is for a group exercise on the first day.
  • Surfaces to paint on eg canvas panels, large sheets of watercolour paper and/or

              Un-stretched canvas off the roll. Polyester cotton primed double coat is the best

  •  I’ll have some suggestions to develop more experimental approaches
  • bring any of your own work for help

Bring all your usual colours including Raw Sienna, Paynes Grey, Dioxadine Purple, Unbleached Titanium White, Quinacridone Magenta

Bring all your usual but include flat wide brushes similar to house-painting brushes (50mm or more)

If you’d like to experiment with mixed media bring a packet of white tissue paper (available from a newsagent) plus some Aquadhere glue (PVA) from a hardware store

Other extras to use
Oil pastels. or oil sticks. Large Sennelier or Holbein. Black, white and a vibrant colour of your choice
All your drawing materials ie. pencils.
Large flat white palette
Palette knife
Wide paint scrapper (plastic or metal) Available from hardware or art supply shops
Roll of cling wrap
Note book
Sketch pad of cartridge paper
Blade cutting knife
Bulldog clips