The Nude in Colour with Anthony Cahill - Holiday Workshop

The Nude in Colour with Anthony Cahill - Holiday Workshop

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The Nude in Colour

A two-day workshop focuses on exploring colour and the Nude. The workshop is best suited to those with prior experience - intermediate to advanced students.

Topics covered will include:

  • anatomy and colour
  • Line and colour
  • Form and colour
  • Expression and colour
  • Proportion and colour
  • Composition and colour
  • Emotion and colour

Day one shorter poses and so more materials used, sketchbook, paper for drawing and or supports for painting.

Day two longer posers and so less materials although perhaps larger in scale.

Remembering that the core premise of the workshop is around colour and the nude figure.

Materials: Please bring colours from mediums you will be comfortable working in. Coloured drawing materials ie. coloured pencils, pastels, “ wet” medial such as paint, at the desertion of the student. This workshop is open in materials used painting and or drawing depending on the students' interest and need.

*Discounted price for WAC members taken via phone

Suitable for intermediate and advanced students

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