Silver Jewellery with Regina Krawets

Silver Jewellery with Regina Krawets
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Silver Jewellery with Regina Krawets

<h4 id="header-self-paced-course-suitable-for-both-beginners-and-continuing-makers"><em><strong>Self-paced course suitable for both beginners and continuing makers.</strong></em></h4>

<p>Explore your

Small class size (maximum: 8 students)

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Self-paced course suitable for both beginners and continuing makers.

Explore your creativity, transforming inspiration into wearable art jewellery whilst developing fundamental silversmithing skills working with precious metals and other materials. 

Fees cover tuition and $10 of basic materials. You will need to provide your own art materials (see below).

About Regina Krawets

Enjoying careers in both interior design and wearable art jewellery, Regina Krawets has won awards both nationally and overseas for her beaded artworks. In 2020 Regina completed a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design as well as a jeweller’s trade course to further hone her technical skills and pursue her passion for creating contemporary jewellery pieces in fine metals that merge her love of architectural forms, colour and textiles to create contemporary objects of adornment.  Building on an appreciation of repetition in design and the belief in the maxim that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts that first attracted her to beadwork, Regina continues to draw inspiration from her urban environment to explore notions of its intersection with nature and its inhabitants, identity and belonging as well as issues of sustainability. 

Materials List

Below is a materials list required for the first jewellery class. If you have previous jewellery making experience please contact Regina first as you may not require all materials listed.

Bring along all your ideas/sketches/inspiration images.


  • Sterling Silver Sheet 1mm thick 30mm x 75mm
  • Sterling Silver half round wire 3mm x 1.5mm x 200mm
  • Sterling Silver round wire 0.8mm x 100mm
  • Sterling Silver round wire 1.2mm x 250mm
  • Solder wire 0.5mm, 500mm each of hard, medium and easy
  • Emery paper 1 sheet each, 400, 600, 800 & 1200
  • 24 Jewellers saw blades size 3/0 cut
  • 10cm saw frame
  • 1 set of assorted needle files
  • Large half round coarse file


  • Fine tip permanent marker
  • Sketch book
  • Tools Optional
  • 15cm Steel ruler
  • Steel divider
  • Set of pliers - including at least: half-round/flat, needle nose, flat nose, round nose.


  • Palloys (metal only) Smith Street Marrickville Tel: (02) 8568 4200
  • AJS Level 1, Dymocks Bldg. George Street Sydney Tel: (02) 8256 2666
  • Twin Plaza Metals Level 1, 155 Castlereagh Street, Sydney Tel: (02) 9264 1667

Terms and Conditions

Please choose carefully as fees are non-refundable. Refunds of course fees will only be given if the course is cancelled or a place is not available in the course. Payment of course fees implies that you have read and agree to the WAC Terms & Conditions which are available online.

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